The Whaling City Seafoodfish Display Auction was founded by Raymond and Richard Canastra in 1994. Since establishment, the Whaling City Seafood Display Auction has become the seafood auction for the port of New Bedford and the fisheries of Southern New England. 

The Boston Seafood Display Auction followed in 2008.

Prior to the establishment of the seafood display auction, the market for the purchase and sale of fresh fish in the port of New Bedford and Southern New England was inefficient, with transactions proving difficult for both buyers and sellers. The auction changed this, providing an orderly open market allowing fishermen exposure to fair market prices for their product and buyers access to more predictable supplies of seafood.

The Display Auctions have developed procedures allowing buyers and sellers to engage in the sale of seafood under conditions which guarantee the true market value for product at the moment of sale.

The Buyers and Sellers Exchange (BASE) is the electronic auctioning company for the auctions, which Whaling City Seafood Display Auction owns and operates.

Since the creation of the Whaling City, and later, the Boston Seafood Display Auctions, complete daily pricing information has been made available to Auction Members through their BASE system accounts.

Those in the industry who are not Auction Members, and other interested parties, may receive this data daily, via this website on a subscription basis.

Each subscription is for one company or one person.  Sharing of data with non-subscribing companies or persons is prohibited.

Subscription fees are payable via major credit cards.